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If you find your hair looking dull and dry then maybe its time for a good old trim! Many people become very attached to their hair length and dread the idea of getting a cut but its actually a good thing to get your hair trimmed once every few months as it will grow a lot healthier.

Split ends are strands of your hair that begin to develop split ends when the hair cuticle gets damaged and begins to wear off. If not trimmed those split ends begin to effect the entire hair strand, weigh down your hair and give it a more dull, damaged look. Aside from making your hair look dull, split ends also rob your hair of its natural shine, gives the ends of the hair an uneven colour as normally split ends have a lighter tone then the rest of the hair. Split ends do not just go away and cannot be repaired with a super amazing treatment. A good trim is the best solution.

There are many reasons why people get split ends and here is a list of a few:

- Washing your hair daily - Too many chemical treatments - Detangling the hair aggressively - Not conditioning the hair regularly - Using heating tools too often

Once you have had your fresh trim by a professional stylist here are a few tips on prevent split ends to return.

- Get a hair trim every 3-4 months - Reduce use of heating tools - Don't wash your hair on a daily basis - Avoid using hot water to rinse your hair - Do got oil treatments on a weekly to bi-weekly basis

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