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H20 - also known as water - makes up to 60% of your body! Water is absolutely critical for your health inside and out! Drinking plenty of water comes with many over looked beauty benefits!

Many are already aware that drinking lots of water boosts the natural health and beauty of our skin. Water is the original anti-aging treatment as dehydrated skin can appear dull and sallow and accelerates premature aging - but did you know that frizzy hair is actually dehydration? Your hair is literally reaching out into the air for moisture! So drink up for a good hair day . It shouldn't be a surprise then that water's benefits extend to your nail health as well. Water allows nails to produce a shiny layer of alpha keratin which promotes thickness and prevents peeling of cuticles!

Drinking plenty of water is crucial for weight loss. Water doesn't just flush toxins out - it can also be used as a pre-meal strategy to enhance fullness in addition to hydration. One of the most common symptoms of dehydration is a head ache followed by joint aches and muscle pains. Staying hydrated restores brain and energy levels and significantly improves your breath!

Proper hydration helps promote many internal health functions that are less obvious to the eye. Key services like cell growth and restoration, joint lubrication and blood pressure, digestion and prevention of constipation. Drinking lots of water helps regulate hormones, your body temperature (through sweat and respiration) as well it delivers vital micro and macro nutrients and much needed oxygen throughout your entire body.

And while the benefits should be enough to sell a person, drinking water is not enjoyable for some - especially those with a busy life style or a palette that needs some excitement. If this is you, fear not! There is help for you yet. There are many ways to get more water in. Rather than drinking sugar loaded fruit juices and sodas add some flavour to your cooler by steeping a some fresh fruit - the combination possibilities never end. A basic example might be lemon-cucumber or for something more herbal try lavender and orange! Or if you're feeling more festive give blackberry-cherry-lime a try. Alternatively you can try watering down fruit juices, or drinking steeped teas. Some other smart strategies include using a marked water bottle, or a high-tech water bottle that syncs to your phone that will remind you to drink your water. Some enforce a "one glass after each trip to the restroom" policy while others like to jazz up their water container with sparkling or mineral water.

In the words of Gandhi, "health is the real wealth and not pieces of gold or silver". Treat yourself to a glass of water right now.

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