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Updated: Aug 23, 2019

When it comes to choosing what style of massage you need - the options can become quite overwhelming. Starting with the least intensity massage and working your way up, here are some of the most popular choices to get you started:


This form of massage is the best promotion of deep relaxation. It is known to reduce stress and anxiety as well as promote healthy sleep. Some therapists may incorporate hot stones into this treatment along with different movement techniques such as long strokes, circular motions, tapping and kneading as part of the Swedish technique.


This type of massage therapy is primarily used as a form of relaxation for tense muscles and damaged issues. Using heated stones, typically made from basalt, in a variety of shapes, sizes and weights, the stones are heated and placed on various places along the body - the spine, stomach, chest, face, palms and feet. Sometimes therapists will also use cold stones in order to sooth expanded blood vessels and skin.


With the origins being ancient China, Acupuncture is a treatment that works by stimulating specific locations on the body using penetrating needles; they help to alleviate pain and other symptoms that result from various diseases including digestive disorders, skin problems, respiratory issues, chronic pain, severe fatigue syndromes, headaches, and arthritis.


Osteopathic massage style takes a gentle, holistic and patient-centered approach. Using a hands-on method, a physician applies techniques like stretching, pressure and resistance for accurate analysis of posture and mobility. Osteopathy can benefit the musculo-skeletal framework and other systems. The ultimate goal of this therapy technique is to provide relief of conditions such as arthritis, pain in various joins from the hip to the foot, as well as neck and back pain, headaches and more. As this treatment also emphasizes self-healing, you may also be advised on dietary or lifestyle changes.

Remember of the health risks associated with any treatments. Consult your physician before engaging in any new procedures, especially if you have a blood disorder, have burns or open wounds on your skin, and are pregnant or nursing.

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