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Updated: Jul 17, 2019

A lash lift is like a perm for your lashes! Using a chemical solution your lashes are shaped and lifted for a more curled finish and they instantly become more visible. Many opt to tint the lashes at the same time to give them more detail and pigment. You don't need any preparation for this treatment and anyone can do it! We especially recommend this to those who don't like eye lash extensions but want to enhance their lashes in a more natural way.

THE PROCESS After doing as consultation with the lash technician she will determine the best curl shape for your eyes, and the process will begin.

After cleansing your lashes, the technician will glue your lashes to a silicone shield and not to worry as all products used are save around the eyes. Your lash technician should be trained, licensed and experienced in what shes doing. Always do your research on the technician before doing any cosmetics procedure, even non surgical.

Once your top lashes are separated from your bottom lashes and secured to the silicone shield a chemical cream is put on the top lashes and left there for a few minutes to work its magic! Then the technician cleans your lashes well and you are set to go with brand new lifted lashes! The entire process takes one hour, is painless and results should last six to eight weeks.

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