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Turkish Hammam and Beyond

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Hammam - the Truly Luxurious Experience.

A Hammam, also known as a Turkish bath, is aimed to cleanse and relax the body. The warm sauna room made of pure marble allows one to relax and sweat out any toxins enclosed in the body. The dense wet steam released inside of the Hammam rises up to 102 degrees in order to relax all of the body's tense muscles and alleviate any physical pain. During the procedure, it is recommended to use the Kessa glove in order to exfoliate skin, which has been properly steamed up and ready to be cleaned off.

Kessa - the Miracle Glove.

The Kessa glove is an exfoliating mitt used in Turkish Hammam baths. Once people steam and soak themselves, they rub themselves down using the Kessa, taking off layers of skin like shedding a snake. The dead, dry skin is simply rolled off, leaving pieces of excess clumps behind. After such a unique procedure, the exfoliation causes your new skin to regenerate, breathe, and remain clean. The mitt helps get rid of ingrown hair, smoothen the skin after depilation, decrease the appearance of cellulite, and remove dead skin cells. It is meant to be done a couple of times a month for best results, to ensure that your entire body's skin is being taken good care of.

All In One Beauty Lounge offers an excellent Hammam bath facility, with professional estheticians there to provide you with exfoliating and cleansing services. Besides that, we are also happy to offer Himalayan Salt Saunas to extend your detoxification experience.

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