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Lets talk about all of the makeup trends that are flashing the run ways in 2019 and how we can incorporate them into our daily makeup routine.

1. BRONZE & GOLDEN EYE SHADOW We are seeing a lot of bronze and golden eye shadow looks down the run way and we are here for it! No matter you eye colour or shape, bronze and gold tones always give a very fun an sultry look to your makeup.

2. A POP OF COLOUR Doing a very simply light base, nude lips and then a bold pop of colour on the eyes is the best way to start introducing fun, playful shades to your makeup looks. A simple coloured liquid liner or eye a navy blue mascara will give your neutral look a little more of an edge!

3. MONOCHROMATIC MAKEUP The runways have been full of monochromatic looks from very subtle nudes to full blown bright colours! This trend super easy to implement and complements anyone.

5. GLASS SKIN One of the top trends this summer is glossy, dewy skin! Using illuminating primers and a very sheer foundation will give you the ultimate glow! Think of less is more.

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