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The Skin Whisperer: Melanie Grant.

Melanie Grant is considered the facialist of the century. Being a strong, entrepreneur woman in the aesthetics industry, she has proven passion to be the key to success. She is the founder of Melanie Grant Skin Health and an official skin expert for Chanel Australia.

Grant is an Australian cosmetologist, adored by many celebrities, including Victoria Beckham, Phoebe Tonkin, Karolina Kurkova, Elena Perminova, and more to follow. She began her journey by advancing her interest in skincare as a child to further education in the medical and aesthetics industries. "My career developed in this direction and I moved more into clinical roles alongside cosmetic doctors and surgeons for around ten years." Her first skin studio was opened in 2002 in Sydney, Australia. As of now, she holds four clinics - Melbourne, Sydney, Los Angeles, and Paris.

Melanie Grant treats hormonal and environmental pigmentation, acne, rosacea, scarring, as well as aging. She focuses on achieving a state of skin of wellness for the client, to be followed by a holistic approach to clear, healthy skin maintenance. Her clinic performs a lot of laser and corrective facial treatments, as well as collagen and light therapy facials.

She emphasizes the importance of a broad spectrum SPF coverage, which was recently released by her after three years in the making. The sun rays cause endless skin problems, ranging from improper pigmentation, premature wrinkles, burning of skin, as well as an increased risk of cancer. Living in Australia, Grant's top suggestion in skincare is to stay out of the sun and use proper protection for your skin.

Diet is a necessary component of your entire body's well-being and health. Alongside taking a variety of supplements, she suggests indulging plenty of fresh vegetables and bone broth.

Her sleep is mandatory for her performance, just as any other human being, and is satisfied by 8 hours of sleep daily. As a side note, she naturally wakes up around six o'clock daily. Being a mom of two boys, she ensures each member of her family maintains their health through proper eating and sleep.

Melanie's top must-haves for daily use are "a great cleanser with AHAs to cleanse and exfoliate; an antioxidant serum to protect from free radicals and environmental damage; and a good quality, simple moisturizer to keep my skin supple and dewy."

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

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