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The Importance of Healthy Feet

A pedicure is not only a service of beauty, but is also a health procedure. Keeping your feet healthy is very important for your whole wellness. The feet together make up for 25% of the bones, 18% of joints and 6% of the muscles in your body. They are also the energy center of the entire body, connecting us with earth and allowing us to live our common lives.

Facts on Why You Must Keep Feet Healthy:

The following are the reasons as to what makes feet such a significant part of our body.

1. The exhaustion level of your feet determines your tiredness, more than any other body part.

2. Your mobility directly depends on your feet. Your range of motion incorporates the mobility of your feet since it is the fundamental human function. The wider the range, the smaller the risk is of getting hurt.

3. The feet are very sensitive. Any pain in your feet will more than likely cause more discomfort than many other less active body parts. Any cut, burn, twist, and trauma will become a serious problem unless properly treated.


How to Keep Your Feet Healthy:

Be mindful of the notion that prevention is cure.

1. Wash your feet with lukewarm water and soap daily. Make sure to dry them completely to avoid excess moisture, which would create the ideal conditions for fungus.

2. Get pedicure bi-weekly. Professional nail technicians at All In One Beauty Lounge clean out all excess skin around the nails and on the sole with the heel, scrub the dead skin off, trim the nails properly, color if requested. moisturize, and massage.

2. Avoid wearing socks. When you do wear them, ensure they are clean, dry, and the right size for you. Overly tight socks disturb circulation to feet, which will seriously impact the health.

3. Walk barefeet as often as possible, inside and outside. Stay mindful of personal hygiene measures when doing so.

4. Wear proper shoes of the right size (both length and width) with Orthotic insoles. Since the majority of Canadians spend 10-12 hours daily wearing shoes, do your best to ensure your choice is harmless to your wellness.

5. Massage your feet. Restoring blood circulation as well as releasing tension in muscles and tendons will help prevent countless associated diseases.

6. Stretch your feet. Complete feet exercises a couple of times a week to improve their mobility and strength. Medical News Today provides excellent activities for your feet.


Be conscious of every single part of your body, making up the entire system.

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