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The Essentials of a Blow Dry

All In One Beauty Lounge offers professional blow-dries completed by our top stylists. The question is - what makes such an elementary procedure so special? Read along to find out.


The Process

Our stylists follow the blow-out procedure developed through knowledge and experience to ensure the best possible product. It is customized to meet the needs of each client - whether you have straight or curly, weak or damaged, dehydrated or greasy hair.

1. Washing the hair.

This step must remove all of the product buildup, excess scalp oils or flakes, sweat, and pollutants such as dust or dirt. It must be done with a regularity of 2-3 days. A stylist may offer a treatments or a mask to improve hair quality. In the process, your scalp is massaged to promote blood circulation in order to promote hair growth.

2. Drying the hair.

Our hairstylists dry damp hair prior to stylist it. Such is necessary for high performance in terms of hair texture, dryness, and time convenience. Styling part-dry hair ensures a smoother texture, meanwhile completing a better blow-dry style in the shortest time.

3.Styling the hair.

The hair may be styled after being dried. It is up to you to choose what kind of style you would like to be done - straight blow-dried or straightened with an iron, curled using a blow-drier, wand, or iron, or left natural.


The Products

All In One Beauty Lounge salon works with Schwarzkopf and Matrix hair products. The two are top market leaders proven to be the best quality

- Shampoo: Schwarzkopf and Matrix.

- Conditioner: Varies. Your stylist will pick a product to match your hair best.

- Blow-dryer: BaByliss Pro.

- Styling Product: Schwarzkopf and Matrix.


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