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Threading is a method of hair removal with origins in Iran, India, Central Asia and China and has recently become very popular in Western countries due to the fact that it creates ultra precise definition for the eyebrows. Threading is also popular as a hair removal treatment for the upper lip, face and other regions where hair is coarse and dense.

How it works is by taking a thin (cotton or polyester) thread, doubling it over and then twisting it. It's then rolled over areas of unwanted hair. There are several styles of threading, although the "mouth holding" method is widely agreed upon as the most efficient. Just like with plucking, threading removes the hair at the follicle level, however threading is more efficient as it removes an entire row of hair.


There are countless advantages to threading and nearly zero disadvantages - which is rare to say. First and foremost threading is all natural! That's right - there are no chemicals used during threading which means there are no products to irritate the delicate tissue under the brow and above the eye. Additionally, threading is stunningly accurate! It also hurts less because the thread grabs the hair and pulls it out by the root, rather than yanking at the super sensitive skin tissue like during waxing or when you pluck. Last but not least, threading is generally less expensive as it require no chemicals or products - and it's faster too!

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