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Sugar Talk: The Truth Behind It.

Sugar is a controversial topic in the nutrition and beauty industries. Find out about the points leading the winning side, saying that it is an extremely detrimental food product.

*Note: We're speaking of artificial and additive sugar in this article. You can read about healthy sugars here.

Sugar is addictive.

Artificial sugar promotes "happy" brain hormones, causing a short-term euphoric state. After the sugar comes out of the system, it tends to trigger a period of faulty poor mood. Thus, to restore the state of euphoria, your brain demands more sugar through sending binge signals.

Sugar deprives you of energy.

Consuming artificial sugar means the energy you are receiving from food is not efficient. It will last for a very short time period, causing a drowsy effect after the "fuel" runs out.

Sugar promotes unhealthy weight gain.

Foods containing additive sugar are very calorie-dense meanwhile being nutritionally-empty. By having a high ratio of junk food compared to healthy, natural food, you are decreasing the amount of vitamins and minerals in your diet, as well as dis-balancing the proportions of protein-fat-carbs.

Sugar is the primary cause of numerous chronic diseases.

It is directly linked to:

- Cardiovascular diseases (stroke; heart disease;

- Diabetes (sugar disturbs insulin production levels and increases blood sugar).

- Fatty Liver Disease.

- Obesity (sugar slows metabolism and contains a lot of "empty" calories).

- Gastrointestinal diseases (sugar-based foods are worthless in nutrition).

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