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Rose Water - Potion of Health and Beauty

Rose water is an essential, versatile beauty and health item. Its uses' range is broad - it may act as a skincare item, fragrance, as well as a gastronomic supplement.



Rose water is full of antioxidants and antimicrobial components. Starting and ending your day by incorporating rose water, substituting regular tap water, will have long-term advantages for your skin. Any minor or just activated inflammations will be reduced daily, infusing your skin with plenty of antioxidants.


Rose water is an excellent option of light fragrance. The smell of rose flower is adored by many and is associated with femininity and purity. To create such, use 3-5 essential oils of your choice, mixed 50/50 with rose-infused water; for your utility, you may use a spray bottle. It is best to experiment with various essential oils, recording the combinations, rating, and finally choosing the smell that fits you best.


Rose water's most outstanding health benefit is its anti-inflammatory function. It assists the immune system through helping white blood cells fight off any infection triggers. Rose water may be indulged as part of the morning breakfast, or used as an ingredient during cooking as water substitute.


Nurture your love for everything rosie and take advantage of the natural advantages of the beautiful flower. Use it to your advantage in skincare, fragrance, cooking and health imporvement.

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