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Reasons to Use Silk Pillowcases

Are silk pillowcases a basic trend to keep out of mind, or a truly essential beauty item?

Read along to find out what makes them so special and why they are worthy of giving a try.


Benefits of a Silk Pillowcase:

1. It prevents friction.

Cotton pillowcases are made of fabric which causes excessive friction during sleep movements, causing premature wrinkles and speeding the visible aging process. In addition, it prevents hair breakage and split ends, which specifically benefits weak, brittle hair. Meanwhile it is best to sleep on your back to prevent from your skin maturing as fast, it is best to choose silk fabrics if you either sleep on your sides and back or tend to turn over in your sleep.

2. It is hypoallergenic.

Silk is an organic fabric that is resistant to common allergens such as fungus or mold, dust mites, and other organisms. By choosing to sleep on silk, including pillowcases, sheets, and covers, you are ensuring that your sleep is as safe from external parasites as possible.

3. It retains moisture.

Silk pillowcases ensure the quality of your face and hair are maintained during your beauty sleep by letting you absorb the applied moisture, instead of absorbing it for you. Thus, they let you bring the most out of night-time skin moisturizers and hair oils or alike products you apply topically.

4. It stays cool.

The material is difficult to warm up, meaning that it will keep your face cool during the sleep. Such is an excellent solution to both hot summer nights, or for those who cover up during winter with countless blankets, warming themselves up during their sleep to fever-like body temperatures.

Silk Pillowcases: Are the Advantages Simply a Myth or a Proven Miracle?

Trying out new beauty tricks and experiencing with the trends is a great habit to keep improving yourself. Although many of such are as popular due to extensive marketing, many of them are science-reasoned and practical. It is up for you to decide based on the information you know. A friendly reminder: All In One Beauty Lounge uses silk pillows during its procedures completed by our aestheticians to ensure the best quality for our customers.

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