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Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Many women have a makeup bag they carry around in case of touch up but most of the time 80% of whats in the bag is not used! That's because you are not putting essential products that you truly need to make sure you have a flawless look all day and can even transform it into an evening look on the go! Here are a few products you should have in your makeup bag.

- Blotting paper This is a product that can be used throughout the day at any place! Remove excess oils with a plotting paper to give your makeup that demi matte look, and prevent makeup from breaking up.

- Face Mist A face mist is perfect to refresh your makeup and give you that fresh face finish! A perfect product for the warmer months.

- Lip Gloss

No one wants to walk around with dry lips or faded lipstick so a lip gloss is the perfect product because it will hydrate your lips as well as give it a little colour. Its way faster to apply then a lipstick and you don't have to be super precise on the application.

- Hand Cream You never know when you need a little moisturizer to touch up any dry post on your body. We constantly wash our hands through out the day and keep it moisturized is super important.

- Makeup Wipes Perfect for anything! Maybe you are having a bad makeup day and want just a fresh face, a makeup wipe will remove that all away on the go! Maybe your mascara is running and you need to clean up under the eyes, a makeup wipe is perfect for that! - Black or Dark Brown Eye Liner Want to give your eyes a more intense look for a evening out but don't have time to redo your makeup. Well using an eye liner on the water line will give you just that! A simple step that will give you more of an evening look.

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