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Keratin Treatment

Keratin is a hair treatment aimed to improve the quality and appearance of your hair. In actuality, the term keratin signifies the type of protein making up human hair, skin, and nails, in addition to being a compound of internal organ tissues. As the result of its protective function making it less prone to damage than other cells produced by the body.

Brazilian Keratin Blowout is a treatment that straightens out the hair texture by breaking down the curled hair bonds to recreate them in a straight manner. Once done properly by a certified professional, the blowout helps achieve a flat-ironed look for three to five months.

Keratin Repair Treatment helps remove the frizz meanwhile adding a silky look and shine, without the disruption of hair texture. It does not change the natural curls, waves, or absence of such you have yet treating it to improve the condition. This treatment is ideal for anyone with the most popular hair problems, including dryness, damage after coloring or bleaching, coarseness, and frizziness.

The Pros

  • smoothness

  • silky feeling

  • glossy

  • hydrated

  • decreased frizz

  • easier to style

The Cons

  • color fading or lightening

  • chance of an ineffective result due to hair resistance or technical mistakes

  • dead-straight hair (not willing to style differently)

  • possibility of formaldehyde poisoning

  • respiratory sensitivity


  • You may not allow the hair to come in contact with water (or any liquids) and may not tie, braid, or pull it back for three days after the procedure.

  • You must use sulfate-free hair care products, especially shampoos, in order to prolong the treatment.

  • Protect your hair to maintain a nice look and feeling for longer.

All In One Beauty Lounge offers the Keratin Hair Treatment in addition to various others, including Hot Oil, Hydration, and Strengthening treatments. To view all of the offered hair services, please follow the link here.

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