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Retinol has become to go to ingredients for many skincare products and has been making a huge buzz in the YouTube beauty community. Before this ingredients was mainly focused on night creams but now its in all sorts of products! Retinol is a weaker, over the counter version of tretinoin. Tretinoin decreases fine lines, evens skin color, improves texture, tightens pores, and stimulates blood flow and collagen production. Unfortunately not everyone can tolerate this ingredient as it can irritate the skin and also dry it out. Retinol is a more gentle version of the ingredient making it more tolerable, the results may not be as drastic but over them they will start to appear. Retinol encourages skin cell turnover; this new skin is delicate and should not be exposed to the sun. That is why these ingredients should only be found in products intended for night use. What many dermatologists worry about if that fact that this ingredient is being used on so many products such as foundations, day cream etc. These products are used during the day and are exposing your skin to the sun which in tern will make the purpose of this key ingredient to the opposite!

When selecting a product that has Retinol try to get products that a suited best for night time as you will not bee exposed to the sun and the product will actually do what its supposed to do. No matte the amount of sunscreen placed on the face it will still not protect you from what the combination of Retinol and sun exposure can do.

The bottom line is that retinol is a useful and proven ingredient in its proper place – night time products.

Retinol should not be used if you are pregnant or breastfeeding!

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