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Many dream of having the perfect blond hair as we see many Hollywood stars flaunt on a red carpet. But what many don't realize is that to achieve the perfect shade of blond there is a process that shouldn't be rushed. Along with the process these amazing shades of blond are usually created by a very experienced colourist that knows how to select the shades that will best suite each client.

Here a few things to consider before going blond: - We cant stress this enough but always go to a professional for all chemical treatments on your hair to assure you get the best results and to prevent damage. When selecting a professional hairstylist check their portfolio for reference and read reviews online to assure you are in good hands.

- A good colourist will determine the best shade of blond based on your skin tone. You want the shade of blond to truly blend and enhance your skin tone and eye colour. - Before wanting to go blond make sure you hair is in good conditions! You don't want to cause more damage to your hair by applying a chemical as strong as bleach because it will only further damage your hair. If your hair is not in great conditions take some time to do some strengthening treatments, try to use less heat and get a trim/cut to remove split ends

- Consider your budget as going blond requires a lot of maintenance! In order to keep that beautiful tone you will need to switch your shampoo and conditioner routine to prevent your hair from going orange/brass. Salon bookings will also be an option to upkeep the colour once your hair starts to grow out.

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