Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Preparing for a wedding can be beyond stressful with all the planning and organizing therefore it is super important to take some time out for yourself before the big day! De stressing and giving yourself a pamper day is the best way to get yourself ready emotionally and mentally for such an eventful moment. Take a day off away from all the planning and just focus on yourself! Book a spa day full of pampering and maybe tag along your bridesmaids to make that day that much fun. - A facial is a must to cleanse the skin, remove all impurities and get a smooth, glowing canvas ready for the perfect makeup look for your big day. - A relaxing massage will help you unwind and remove tension in the muscles from the stress of all the planning and organizing that goes into a wedding! - The perfect manicure and pedicure will have your hands and feet ready to be shown off to the world as you will be the center of attention! - If you want to take your pamper day to the next level a Himalayan salt scrub would be the ultimate pamper moment and will have your entire body baby soft and honey moon ready! With the perfect pamper day you will be feeling incredibly relaxed and ready for your I do's.

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