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With the summer heat beaming down all day its so easy for great makeup day to start slipping and sliding! Our skin naturally will produce oils that can break down makeup products, especially foundation and concealer. Not to worry because we have some amazing tips that will have your makeup looking flawless all day long!

1. PRIMER Many consumers don't really understand the need for a foundation primer and if it actually works! A foundation primer does exactly what's whats its called, it PRIMES (preps) the skin before the rest of your makeup application and help your foundation last longer on the skin as it becomes a tacky base for your foundation to stick to. Primers come in different forms and for each skincare concern; Hydrating, oil controlling, smoothing, colour correcting, and pore filling. Select a primer that better suits your skincare concerns to get the best results. PRIMER RECOMMENDATIONS: - Smashbox photo finish primer (long lasting makeup) - Becca first light priming filter (hydration & illuminates) - Benefit porefessional (pore filling) - Becca Ever-matte poreless primer (Oil controlling)

2. SETTING POWDER A setting powder will allowing your makeup to not only last longer by controlling the natural oils we produce throughout the day but it will also help your makeup become transfer proof! If you have dry or mature skin, setting powders can seem a little scary but in 2019 we have so many selections for powders and something for all skin types. Find a powder that is very fine and lightweight so that it doesn't bring out fine lines or dry patches on the skin. Applying your setting powder with a damp sponge is an amazing way of setting your makeup but also preventing yourself from over doing it with the powder as the sponge will absorb the excess product. POWDER RECOMMENDATIONS: - Hourglass veil powder (for normal to dry skin) - Laura Mercier translucent powder (normal to oily skin) 3. SETTING SPRAY Settings sprays are the perfect last touch to your makeup application. It will refresh your look, allow the powders to settle into the skin, giving it a more natural skin like appearance. Along with all that a long lasting spray will help lock in all your makeup for a busy productive day! Best of all your can reapply it throughout the day to refresh your look! SETTING SPRAY RECOMMENDATIONS: - Urban decay all nighter setting spray - Lancome Fix it, forget it setting spray

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