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How Does Coffee Affect Your Appearance?

Coffee has become a part of our daily routine. It is the coffee itself we enjoy, as well as the habit of drinking it that brings us pleasure. But just as with any other foods or beverages, it has its own effects. Needless to say, the way it impacts your appearance is significant. Remember - everything you consume changes you in one way or another.

Facts About the Impacts of Coffee:

- As the result of caffeine causing over-production of insulin (a hormone which converts sugar into energy) in your body, you become more prone to skin breakouts (acne) once you drink it regularly.

- Also, bring your attention to the fact that the dairy, oftentimes added to coffee, tends to cause inflammation in your body, contributing to worsened skin problems and limiting the treatment of acne.

- If caffeine is consumed at inappropriate times of the day (meaning, before bed), it messes with the sleep schedule. Bad sleep, or not enough of it, puts your body in stress mode, where the skin begins to produce more oil and clog up the pores as a self-protection measure.

- It helps reduce the visibility of blood vessels (rosacea) by temporarily increasing blood pressure. Nonetheless, understand that blood pressure jumps are detrimental to your cardiovascular health.

- Coffee is a mild diuretic, but not a dehydrator. The mistake many people do is count the beverage into your daily water intake - remember that you must drink at least eight cups of fresh water every day in addition to the other consumed beverages.

Be mindful of the fact that everything is alright in moderation - the maximum recommended amount by most academic sources is three to four cups, meanwhile the safety zone is considered to be two cups of black coffee.

Tip: use ground coffee as a topical beauty item to help increase circulation (ultimately reducing cellulite) and protect yourself from the sun radiation. It can be added to body oils and scrubs.

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