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Finding Your Ideal Make-Up

Make-up is an expression of individuality . It is meant to be used to enhance your best features and diminish the worse ones. With so many cosmetic brands, types, and choices to choose from, the process of picking the right items for you is necessary.




Apply a thin coat of foundation meanwhile having a strip of skin tape on your cheek. After application, remove the tape and compare the two sides. There should not be a distinct colour line - the two sides should be of the same tone, yet have different texture. Your undertone can be determined based on the colour of your veins on the inside of your wrist - blue veins signify a cool tone, meanwhile green signify a warmer tone. Choose foundation made for your skin type and preferably, use a base. In order to find the perfect one for you, you must try out different series of different brands.


After choosing the ideal foundation, a concealer pick should be simple. Most often, your same brand of preference for foundation works for a concealer. The tone should be one level lighter than that of the base.


Your blush should be the exact colour of your natural lip, or to be exact, your inner lip. Such will help your face seem harmonic and proper, within a single colour palette. In addition, your daily nude lipstick should be of the same tone.


The bronzer should be one to two shades darker than your foundation. Note that it is very important for it to be of the same tone - warm or cool, to ensure the colours play well together.


Once choosing highlighter, try out silver or lavender tones if you're of a cooler skin, or pink-golden and peachy if you have warmer skin.




Choose eyeshadow of the same darkness and tone as your eyes and keep to neutral tones for daily use.


The choice to use eyeliner every day should be questioned since it adds excess drama to your look and adds age.


Mascara is a beauty item that should be chosen very thoroughly since it plays an important role in making your gaze bright and open. Each individual has own lash texture, length, and density; case in point, you should choose mascara which is made to provide you with what you're missing, whatever it may be - you may want longer, or thicker, or even smoother eyelashes. Since it comes into contact with your eyes, you must ensure the compounds are harmless and as natural as possible, as well as that it must not provoke allergy.


The tint of your eyebrow makeup, whether it may be pencil, shadow, or liner, should be the colour of your hair roots at the moment. You may use this trick to your advantage - when your natural roots grow out, adjust the shade of your eyebrows correspondingly to make the look less inappropriately dramatic.




Lipstick used daily should be nude to balance out the makeup colour palette you create on your face. It is recommended that your chosen nude matches the colour of your inner lip.

Lip Liner

Your lip liner colour should be as close to the lipstick you are using as possible. Ensure the lip pencil is always sharp prior to use to ensure clean, sharp borders for a beautiful shape.


Use make-up to your advantage - put an emphasis on the best of yourself using cosmetic products. Always be conscious of the ingredients making up the solutions you are applying on your face because the health of your skin ultimately plays the biggest role in how aesthetically appealing you are.

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