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Fall 2019 Beauty Trends

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

According to VOGUE - the fashion and beauty Bible - has decided the top trends for Fall 2019/2020 are classic, yet powerful!

Make Up

"Disco, Disco!"

Full on glitter is having a true come-back moment! Think Studio 54 level - plaster your lids in a strong gold glitter to induce some serious Saturday Night Fever!

"Arty Lashes" and "Statement Brows"

With eyes taking the focal point in this season's makeup, FULL lashes and BOLD, perfectly manicured brows are in high demand! All in One Beauty Lounge offers just the right services to serve you up some serious drama. Book now with one of our technicians for lash and brow tinting, lifting, extensions or a brow wax/thread.

"Lady in Red"

If smouldering eyes aren't your fav feature then bright bold RED lips are timeless, sophisticated and totally Fall 2019. From warm tones to cool tones only the reddest of the RED, highly pigmented pucker will debut this season.


"80's Bombshell"

Hair is having a throw-back moment this Fall! From side parts and scrunchie-ties, braids, accessory over load (think bows, clips, beads and flowers) to two-textured looks (think wet roots, wavy ends) you definitely can't miss the Madonna-esque glam this season.


"Go big or go home"

This season's nail trends are exploding - and they are anything but boring! The French manicure is back with a modern, graphic twist - chrome, ombre, plaid, 3D art like big bold flowers, pearl beads, neon point art, Picasso, marbelling, navy blue hues - just to name a few!


"Back to Basics"

The post-facial glow is big this season for those who seek a subtler more natural look. Do you know the hottest beauty secret of Fall 2019? Right now makeup artists are giving runway models a mini facial right before they apply cat-walk make up for a gorgeous extra-euphoric glow. Here at All in One Beauty we offer a multitude of facial services to bring your inner radiance OUT. Starting with the mini-facial, we also offer a lightening facial, hydrating facial, acne-clearing facials and peels or even a high-frequency eye treatment.

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