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Digestive Health Leads Beauty

The digestive system has a strong direct influence on wellness and beauty. What you consume turns into the fuel your body processes and uses for power to continue bodily functions and energy to maintain your lifestyle activities.

Your digestion is ruled by an entire complex system made of the tissues, organs, fluids, along with enteric nervous system, all being made up of the gut microbiome - an organization of more than 100 trillion bacteria. The ENS connects with the brain and predetermines your hormone levels, which impact your skin health, emotional balance, love drive, work efficiency, and even your level of energy are on a particular day.

Digestive health should be consistently maintained through corresponding lifestyle choices. If you catch yourself not supporting your overall body wellness, including nutrition, there are practices to assist you in improving your current condition.


Suggestions on Improving Gut Health:

1. Watch your nutrition closely.

- Consume your required number of calories daily, based on your resting metabolic rate.

(CALCULATION: Male: [9.99 x weight + 6.25 x height – 4.92 x age + 5]; Female: [9.99 x weight

+ 6.25 x height – 4.92 x age – 161])

- Balance your micronutrients.

(RATIO: 45–65% of carbs, 20–35% of fats and 10–35% of protein, of daily intake)

- Consume the appropriate number of food serving variety.

(RECOMMENDED SERVINGS: 5-7 of servings of fruit and vegetables, 3-4 grain products, 2-3

dairy or alternatives, as well as 2-3 meat or alternatives.)

2. Improve your probiotic intake.

- Consume the right dairy.

(RECOMMENDATIONS: options include kefir, iran, and kombucha.)

- Purchase a course of probiotic supplements.

(DIRECTIONS: Probiotic supplements come in liquid forms or in pill format; may be

purchased at a drug or supplements store; the producer's instructions must be followed


3. Maintain an active lifestyle.

- Try to get in 10,000 steps daily.

- Exercise 3-5 times a week.

(REASONING: Cardio exercises improve blood flow and circulation, improving organ


4. Do not stress.

- Avoid stress in your daily life in order to not overload your mental system.

- Practice yoga and meditation.

(REASONING: The two practices help you relax and de-stress either regularly, or once you

feel the need for such.)

5. Sleep.

- Proper sleep allows your body to rejuvenate itself and focus on the ongoing body functions.

(SUGGESTIONS: Quality sleep should happen in a consistent scheduling manner, in a dark

room to promote melatonin, a quiet environment, in a temperature a couple degrees below

room temperature.)

Your wellness should be your most significant concern - in order to execute your daily tasks sufficiently, you must be in good health of the body and mind. Take care of your health and beauty will come into being naturally.

Remember to be understanding of yourself and your body, being in existence of a human being. Support yourself. Love yourself. Live your life, immersed in positive energy and joy.

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