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Clean Beauty Lifestyle

"Going clean" is not only a trend, but a lifestyle option many people are choosing. The notion incorporates clean food, hygienic products, cosmetics, household items, and so on.

But what does clean mean? Clean - harmless to you and the environment; absence of toxic compounds. The idea of going clean holds a purpose of reducing negative impacts of human-made products to you and earth.

Transitioning to Clean Beauty

Beginning your journey to clean beauty products may seem complicated, yet it comes down to simple steps once you understand the process. It is best to start by replacing the products you use most often in the largest quantities first, to be followed by the decreasing amounts. Your approach must follow the order of:

hand soap -> shower gel -> body lotion -> deodorant -> sunscreen -> other body products

face wash & toner -> makeup remover -> facial cream(s) -> makeup products -> other facial products

shampoo -> conditioner -> masks/treatments -> oils -> sprays -> styling products -> other hair products

Ingredients On the Watch-out

The ingredients found in all topical products that must be avoided are as follows:

- Parabens

- Fragrances

- Aluminum Compounds

- Ethoxylated Agents

- Formaldehyde

- Refined Petroleum

- Hydroquinone

- Talc

- Triclosan

- Silica

- Oxybenzone

Experiment With Your Options

Going clean is a lifetime journey of commitment. Upgrading your clean products to organic, sustainable, and vegan ones will only improve the commitment.

Birchbox is a monthly subscription to ingredient-conscious products;

We’re here to help you find joy in beauty and in taking care of yourself. Think of us as a monthly box of you-time.

Discover new clean cosmetic brands and items monthly to find the best picks for you - yo help you with that, Birchbox personalizes each box based on your preferences and reviews.

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