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Updated: Aug 3, 2019

At all in one beauty lounge we get many requests for blowouts, highlights and hair cuts. Today we had the pleasure of a client requesting braids! We love when our clients step outside of the box and do something fun! Braids are an amazing style because you can do them in so many different ways, and Its also a great way of keeping your hair away from heat! Since we got so inspired by our client today we are sharing some different braid styles you can incorporate into your next appointment!


French braids on the side or front of the head create this beautiful headband look.


Fish tail braids are perfect to make a statement! This style can look super elegant as well as edgy and effortless.


This is a super cute side fishtail braid with a

more softer feminine look to it. Perfect for a bride!


This style gives the hair more volume and the illusion of more length. You can opt for fishtail or classic french braids with this look. Braiding the hair not too tight will allowing to loosen the strands a little. That will give the volume and add more dimension to the braids.


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