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5 Must Try Styles to Try At Your Next Hair Salon Visit

  1. (Strong Bob) Sometimes called the blunt bob, this haircut first saw a popular rise in San Francisco, and it has slowly made it's way to Canada. The Strong bob will work on any hair texture, but if you have dense hair, you should thin it first.

  2. (Chandelier Waves) Perfect for the people who have a long to medium hair, you can adjust the hairstyle to fit the shape of your face.

  3. (Long Lob) This hairstyle looks good at varying length and your @allinonebeautylounge hair Salon has made it the perfect shape for every face shape ad the different hair types.

  4. (Personalized Lob) Still going strong as one of the most requested haircuts around, you can maintain the personalized lobe easily, and it remains highly versatile. You can ask your hairstylist if bangs or layers will flatter your face the most.

  • (Shag) Plenty of textured layers have helped to create this soft shape, which could be said to be perfect for waves with a smooth style.

These are some of the hottest hairstyles to ask for at you @allinonebeautylounge Hair Salon.

Enjoy! =))))))

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