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3 Ways Liquid Keratin Can Benefit Your Hair

Liquid Keratin

Keratin is a hair treatment that can greatly improve the quality and appearance of your hair. Keratin itself is a naturally occurring protein making up human hair, skin, and nails, and more. Liquid keratin treatments fill your hair with protein which may have been lost due to the aging process and chemical treatments.

Keratin treatments are a chemical process that restores the luster of your hair by turning frizzy and dry hair smooth and shiny.

Liquid keratin from the salon tends to last much longer than

many other keratin containing

products; true liquid keratin purchased from a salon typically

lasts for several months versus generic store-bought products which last for a few weeks at the most.

Keratin Can Significantly Strengthen Your Hair

Liquid keratin can strengthen your hair by replenishing lost protein to your hair cells. Keratin works by opening the bonds between your hair and root follicles and keeps hair from falling out.

Liquid keratin also eliminates the need for daily heated hair-straightening, since your hair will be temporarily far straighter than it normally is. Keratin works well on curly, frizzy, and even naturally straight hair, by strengthening its bonds, improving elasticity and preventing breakage of your hair.

Liquid Keratin Smooths Out Frizzy and Curly Hair

Liquid Keratin infuses curly, frizzy unmanageable hair with missing keratin protein that keeps your hair from appearing as smooth and straight it can be.

Since the active ingredients in keratin treatment soften and buff the hair, your curls will naturally return once the treatment wears off. Liquid keratin may help to fight split ends and frizziness by loosening your curls and making your hair more manageable to touch and style as you like.

Liquid keratin importantly does not contain the potentially harmful chemical

formaldehyde, which some salons’ treatments do include. Formaldehyde is intended to keep the straightened hair longer-lasting, however, it is not necessary for the keratin treatment process and you will still receive the full benefits of the treatment without it. It is better to put the fewest amount of chemicals possible in your hair since they can potentially damage your scalp, hair, and skin. Look for salon-brand official keratin products to make sure you are always getting the safest materials for your keratin treatment, and consult with your stylist before starting a keratin treatment.

Bring Out Your Natural Hair Shine with Keratin

With your liquid keratin treated hair now stronger and healthier, it will appear noticeably shinier and lustrous than before. The shine your hair will have after being treated with liquid keratin will withstand unruly weather such as wind and rain. Keratin’s hair shining properties work year-round, meaning it will prevent your hair from frizziness in the summer and from dryness and split ends in the winter.

With the straightening properties of keratin, your hair will appear much shinier and healthier. Pair your liquid keratin with keratin shampoo and conditioner to make the most use out of the many benefits from keratin and add volume and lightness to your hair makeover.

All In One Beauty Lounge offers makeup and hair-styling services and products, including liquid keratin treatment, to restore the quality of your hair and turn heads in the process! We ensure the best quality and top experience, helping you achieve the look of your dreams. Book your appointment today or visit us to learn more about how liquid keratin can work for you.

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